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Trifecta Blackout Vape 1g | 4:3:1 CBN:CBC:CBD | Broad Spectrum | 510 Cartridge

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Transform the way you unwind in the evening with Trifecta Blackout. This full powered formula flips the switch on restless nights and quickly soothes you into total relaxation. 


Cartisan 510 Vape Battery (350mah) - Variable Voltage

Compatible with:

Trifecta Relax Vape 1G | 510 Cartridge
Trifecta Blackout Vape 1G | 510 Cartridge
Trifecta Focus Vape 1G | 510 Cartridge

A simple variable voltage vaporizer with 510 threading that comes in beautiful retail ready packaging. The voltage settings are easy to change by simply clicking the button 3 times. The slim design of this battery tapers off to help make any 510 cartridge sitting on top of it look great. The package includes a USB charger.

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
Threading: 510
Includes USB Charger: Yes
Power Method: 5 button click on/off
Variable Voltage: 3 button click Variable Voltage

GREEN = 3.4V
BLUE = 3.7V
RED = 4.0V

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