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Bay State Extracts is proud to supply clean, full panel tested bulk cannabinoid isolates, broad and full spectrum distillates, and custom formulations for hemp and marijuana product manufacturers with no minimum order quantities. We are the only seed-to-sale producer in the state of Massachusetts specifically focused on these cannabinoids. We are fully licensed by MDAR and all of our offerings are federally legal and may be transferred over state lines. 

We start with certified industrial hemp and use cryogenic food grade ethanol to take the biomass through our proprietary extraction process, then further refine the material until we are left with a pure and isolated cannabinoid or extract. We were instrumental in the crafting and implementation of the hemp laws for the Massachusetts market and ensure all of our processes and services meet regulatory compliance. Find out why we are the preferred supplier of bulk minor & rare cannabinoids by the Massachusetts marijuana market.

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Cannabinoid Isolates

An isolate product means that you are receiving a single cannabinoid in a workable form for product manufacturing. Most of our isolated cannabinoids and extracts come in a crystalline form (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN) while others are in a more viscous and distillate like consistency (CBC, CBT, etc). Under each of the following hemp cannabinoids you will see a small breakdown on the characteristics and chemical signature. We also provide additional materials and data sheets to our clients to better assist in their usage of these extracts.

Cannabinoid Distillates & Blends

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